DIY mother's day card


Mother's Day is this weekend, and I decided to handmake a card for my mom this year using watercolor, tissue paper, and a little bit of calligraphy. I've been dabbling with paints lately and practicing my brush lettering, so it was the perfect opportunity to put it all to use. Here's the step-by-step for how I made these cute little tissue paper flowers! Read on:

1. First, take a mini die-cut punch to punch out shapes from multiple layers of tissue paper. I used a pair of floral punches from Paper Source.

2. Separate the layers of tissue paper and group them by shape.

3. Put a dot of glue in the center of one piece, and stack another piece on top. Offset the shape so that it's not a 100% overlay, but that the petals from one layer peek between the petals of the next layer. Anywhere between 4-6 layers of tissue paper should work.

4. Wait for the glue to dry and then "fluff" the individual tissue layers. Start with the top layer and fold the edges of the tissue paper up towards the center. Don't be afraid to make creases in the paper! Continue with the underlying layers until you finish with the bottom layer. Then glue it down where you want it!

And that's it! I included it with my "Tilly-themed" gift for my mom and mailed it home. Let me explain what that means. My dog's name is Tilly, and since my mom's human babies moved out, Tilly is basically my mom's baby. So I made her a wood transfer of a photo of Tilly, and since she also loves gardening, I included a little Tillandsia plant, which is also called a "Tilly plant" for short! Here's my Tilly-themed gift.


Update: my mom received her gift today and she loved it! She wasn't expecting anything in the mail, but was pleasantly surprised by this gift and said it was the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Yay!