faux drybrushed nightstand

Once upon a time, I came across a cute little black nightstand. From afar, it didn't look so bad, up close, it had seen some better days. The finish was a mess. All kinds of weird stains were left on it. Before it was black, it was red in its previous life. You could see the red paint peeking through the cracks and I wasn't a fan.

I decided to give the nightstand a makeover with my favorite shade of the moment, Confetti! It's an All-in-One Decor Paint, so I knew it'd be perfect for the job. I did about 2 coats of paint all over the nightstand to give it an ultra smooth, chalky appearance. I let it dry overnight and it looked a little something like this!


Cute color, but too....matte and simple. I wanted some complexity to my finish, so I applied a layer of Smoky Quartz Furniture Glaze. I used a sponge brush to apply the Glaze in small sections, and used a rag to spread it thin in the direction of the grain. This stuff dries quickly once thin, so you have to work fast! Here's a sample block with paint+glaze so you can see the difference versus just paint alone. The resulting color is a little more antique, in a way. Just how I like it!

Photo Jun 14, 4 40 14 PM.jpg

I let the glaze dry for a couple hours, and then used 120-grit sandpaper to roughly sand it all down. Why? Because I realized that where the sandpaper made contact with the surface, it created white streaks that looked like a really fine drybrush.

Photo Jul 23, 5 04 07 PM.jpg

Lastly, I applied a layer of Tough Coat to seal the deal!


Here is the finished product! I like the faux drybrush look because it was a really simple way to achieve a delicate, subtle drybrush—one that would've been really tricky to do by hand!